March 4, 2011

Brooklyn Bishop Ford High School

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In New York, specifically at Brooklyn Bishop Ford High School, a player was hit with a baseball by a coach in the eye when the team was going through fly ball drills. The athlete, who had his right eye socket and cheek bone fractured and sinus cavity crushed, during a fading line-drive drill was sent home via a taxi service despite the fact the athlete needed reconstructive surgery.

The plaintiff in this case is Christopher Mallette and the defendant is Dharyl Russell (assistant baseball coach). Russell called Mallette’s mother after the incident occurred and relayed that her son only had “a little red bruise on his cheek”. Once Mallette got home, his mother had to rush him to Coney Island Hospital where Dr. Dominick Golio had to reconstruct the athletes face.

A lawsuit was filed on December 17, 2010 in Brooklyn Supreme Court by the Mallette’s lawyer Jeffrey Antin. According to Antin, “It’s outrageous they (the high school) would allow this to happen – and even more outrageous they let him go home by himself when he was obviously in dire need of medical attention.” Bishop Ford High School and Coach Russell declined to comment about the incident with Mallette.

After reading and understanding the issue at hand, do you feel that Coach Russell did everything that was needed of him to help an injured athlete of his? Was sending Mallette home in a taxi the best decision at the time? Who should be held reliable for this particular situation? The coach or the high school? The incident occurred in the high school gymnasium.

Furthermore, allegedly Russell told Mallette to ‘suck it up’ after he was hit with the baseball. Would this give a suspicion of intent by the coach? The article states that the coach intentionally fired a baseball at the players head, even though he chose not to comment.


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