March 4, 2011

The Conflict Theory and Sports

Filed under: Sports — Giorgio Varlaro @ 2:50 am

In dealing with the Conflict Theory, which views society as a system of social structures and relationships who are shaped ultimately by economic forces, we run into a few issues. The biggest issue is the fact that the society is shaped around money, wealth and economic power. This should sound familiar, and it is, because we deal with it in our capitalistic society today.

Since all of us are familiar with capitalism, I will pose the question. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

In my opinion, I don’t think it is such a bad thing. I believe that a good portion of social life is driven and shaped by economic factors. If people are spending money and investing, we in return have a better economy which creates jobs. Are jobs a bad thing? I didn’t think so. So with more jobs in our community, it gives individuals like myself an opportunity to make an impression in an organization of my liking. Does this guarantee that I will climb the latter every year and eventually become the CEO….not a chance. This is maybe where inequality rises, which is one of the Conflict Theories weakness, but without this mindset I wouldn’t even have a position with the company in this particular set of circumstances.

Back on topic now. In our society, everything is shaped around money. Money gives you power. Money also gives you a piece of mind. For example, everything that we do in our life costs. Most of us graduate students have to pay rent, utilities, cell phone, car insurance, student loans, etc. And I’m not even getting into other extraneous costs that come along the way. Do I thank our capitalistic society for this? Yes. Has this made life harder on me sometimes? Of course. What it has taught me though is more valuable than anything that you can learn in the classroom or college setting. Textbooks could never teach me the life lessons that our capitalistic society has. It has taught me how to provide for myself, and along the way, made me pursue options (college) that would hopefully make my life easier in the long run. It has made me think about the future plans and not the right now. If that’s not important, I don’t know what is.

I’m sorry if I’ve rambled a bit in my assumptions, I was just trying to do something different from the Functionalist Theory and the discussion of Bill Bradley’s “Values of the Game”.

Please class, let me hear your thoughts. Steer me in the right direction if I’m wrong.


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