March 7, 2011

Search Warrant Issued to Sports Agent

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After losing a total seven players due to violations with NCAA regulations in 2010, investigations around the University of North Carolina (UNC) football team has revealed that NFL agent Gary Wichard, who was suspended by the NFL Players Association for nine months for his role with UNC, played a major role in having the school violate amateurism rules.

Investigators in the case issued a search warrant for Wichard’s financial records, specifically with his business Pro Tect Management LLC. Investigators say that Pro Tect paid $1,000 to reimburse a high school assistant coach, who had paid for former Tar Heel defensive lineman Marvin Austin’s flights to and from California in March 2009.

Austin traveled to train with Kentwan Balmer, a Wichard client and former North Carolina teammate of Austin, at a facility located a short drive from Pro Tect’s offices in Westlake Village, Calif. Once the NCAA found out this information, Austin was dismissed from the Tar Heel football team in October. Six other teammates missed the entire season after either being declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA.

Wichard has yet to comment on the subject at hand, but became important in the case once it was found that Wichard never renewed his sports agent registration in the state of North Carolina.  The state requires agents to register and prohibits them from offering gifts before a contract is signed with a potential client.

After digesting what has taken place with Wichard and Austin, does it surprise you at all that a situation like this happened with a Division I football program? What if I told you that agents couldn’t be punished by the NCAA (which they can’t), thus is why this stuff occurs so often. Do you believe there should be a rule change there? With less than half of the registered sports agents in the United States getting 100% of the professional athletes consideration, would you reach out to college athletes for future business even though it could tarnish that students athletes playing career?

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