March 28, 2011

NBA Lockout on the Horizon?

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With some exciting hoops action over this past weekend in the NCAA, thanks to wins by Virginia Commonwealth and Butler, the game of basketball seems to be at an all-time high publicity wise. Once a champion is found out next week however, more college players will play the waiting game as to whether there will be a 2011-2012 NBA season. The current National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to end on June 30th and players and owners have been unable to come to terms on a new salary cap or player contract revisions.

The owners have proposed a hard salary cap to replace the current system that allowed for certain exceptions. They also seek lesser contract lengths, values, non-guaranteed deals and the loss of freedom for free agents. The players have countered this offer, but both sides have yet to come close to a new deal. Trying to help both sides is Executive Director Billy Hunter. Hunter has had frequent talks with NBA Commissioner David Stern and Union President Derek Fisher, but with the season ending and the playoffs starting in the next week or so, discussions have been at a standstill.

The NBA  is enjoying its most talked about season possibly ever with the “Big Three” in Miami, Derrick Rose’s play in Chicago, and the trade for Carmelo Anthony to New York. Even with this success, the league is this projecting around $350 million in losses. Due to this, and the current downturn of the economy, the owners of NBA teams have proposed their current offer to the players and have been quoted by reporters to want to get a deal done.

Which league in your opinion has a better chance of having a regular season next year, the National Football League or the National Basketball Association? Is it smart for the owners to try and restrict player’s contracts and thus security with career-threatening injuries possible every night? Would a lockout hurt the NBA, like it did in1999 when only 50 games were played in the regular season?

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