November 7, 2011

Trends Changing in Communication Habits

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The habits of today’s teenagers are changing just as the digital world changes with them. As stated by Jon Seitz, “Today’s high schoolers have grown up with computers and cell phones and most don’t remember not having them.” Due to this, the way each consumes media and distributes information is different.

Backing Seitz is research from Nielsen. According to June 2011 statistics, high school graduates send 100 text messages per day, talk on their cell phones roughly 17 minutes per day, watch 11 fewer hours of television than the average American, view nearly three more hours of video on their mobile device and visit their social networks and blogs four to five times a day.

Hurting for this new age is e-mail. Today’s generation has no use for it. According to comScore, 24 percent fewer people age 12 to 17 used Web-based e-mail in the past year. Taking over is texting, Facebook messaging, video chatting, twitter DM, etc.

With the digital world changing the way youngsters communicate on a daily basis, it will be interesting to see if businesses change also. The first question businesses will ask however is if this change is less expensive and more efficient.


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